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For generations gold has offered investors a tangible way to preserve wealth, while silver’s high demand in industrial applications, technology and consumer goods make it a crucial asset in any portfolio.

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In uncertain times, our Self Storage Gold IRA™ lets you personally choose how your physical gold and silver assets are stored. Our experts make rolling over your IRA a secure, straightforward process.

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Whether you’re interested in premium quality collector’s coins, or investing in gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion, you can purchase via bank wire or check and Goldco will ship directly to your home.

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2016 Lunar Britannia Privy


Goldco Precious Metals has been awarded exclusive rights to this limited-mintage coin.

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Minted By The Royal Mint of England

The Oldest and Most Respected Mint in the World

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Goldco Precious Metals Reviews

Karla K.

February 10, 2016

I’ve always hated having my money in the stock market and had toyed with the idea of just taking it all out for a long time. When I heard about Gold IRA’s I knew that’s was my answer. A friend mentioned they had worked with GoldCo. After a little research I knew that’s the company I wanted to go with and I was right. They are professional, friendly, extremely helpful and they did all the work with the transfer of funds and with deciding which coins, etc. to go with. It was as ‘easy as pie’ and I feel better about what my money is invested in. A special ‘Thank you’ to Karla Fox! The other Karla :-)

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating TrustLink

Norva L.

February 9, 2016

I am very pleased with the contact and am comfortable with all the information that was shared with me. My Account Executive is K.C. Derian and she went to great lengths to make sure I knew what she was sharing with me. She even had my son contact her to reassure him and me, of the validity of the information she was sharing with me. She called many times to make sure I was comfortable and understood all that she was sharing. I can not say enough about her friendliness and honesty. I look forward to every time she calls me. It’s always very pleasant, almost like a friend. It was a very easy transfer of funds and so simple for me. She did all the work. I would recommend any one to work with her.

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating TrustLink

Robert Austin

Complete discription of all details needed to set up my account. I am comfortable to contact in the future with any questions.

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating TrustPilot

Paul L. Johnston

This is my first experience in investing in precious metals, I saw an ad that Goldco would invest my IRA, I called 855-GOLD-IRA, and the advantages were presented, an account was opened, I am well pleased with the service and the concern each member had with me meeting my goals.

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating TrustPilot

Tamara Ragalyi

I was a little hesitant considering transferring my IRA over the phone, but Ida made me feel so comfortable and the whole procedure was a piece of cake. Everything was take care of for me. Not one detail was overlooked. She made sure everything was in order and answered all of my questions. Blake was so helpful with my final order also. I truly am grateful for all of their assistance. I am very pleased and will recommend Goldco to all my friends and family.

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating TrustPilot

Becky Kjer Flammang

My experience with everyone at Goldco Direct has been excellent. I recommend them with no reservations!

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating TrustPilot


February 6, 2016

Getting my IRA transferred to Goldco was easy and painless. I am so happy, now I can sleep better at night not worrying about my individual retirement account. I know that it is safe and secure and waiting for me at my retirement when I get to at least 60.

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating Consumer Affairs


February 4, 2016

I am completely satisfied with the service I’ve received from Rad and Jamie. It was prompt, clear, efficient and spoke to all my concerns. I would definitely recommend Goldco to a friend.

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating Consumer Affairs


So far I have nothing but positive comments to make about my interactions with Goldco personnel. Paul Sunderland was most supportive and helpful in the information he supplied about utilization of investing through the company.

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Goldco Reviews 5 Star Rating Consumer Affairs


Just becoming involved with this company so to be fair my experience is very limited. I could give a fairer or more accurate account with more time. So far everything seems to be alright.

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Goldco Reviews 3 Star Rating Consumer Affairs

What Do These Multi-Millionaires Know About Gold That You Don’t?

multi-millionaire allan greenspan endorses gold ira

Alan Greenspan

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.

multi-millionaire ron paul endorses gold ira rollover

Ron Paul

I think [investors are] going to move to gold. Gold is going to be the safe haven which it's been for 6,000 years.

multi-millionaire Jim Rogers gold ira investing

Jim Rogers

There are huge shorts that have developed in precious metals as you know. So, it's overdue for a rally.

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Feb 12
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Heavy Metal Fever

Heavy Metal Fever


Gold prices shot up yesterday as markets thrashed and worries about an oil-fueled 2016 recession gathered speed. But it’s who’s doing the buying that makes us suspicious…

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