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Gold American Buffalo

Even though American Eagle gold coins have been available since 1986 their purity of 91.66% was not good enough for some collectors. There was a great demand for a 99.99% pure Gold Bullion coin. On December 22, 2005, this was made possible by the Presidential $1 Coin Act.  The United States Mint responded and by June of 2006 the 24-karat Gold American Buffalo Bullion Coin was introduced.

The Gold Buffalo was designed after the first nickel coin released in 1913. Known as the Buffalo Nickel the 5 cent coin was designed by Earle Fraser, who was a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Fraser’s design for the Nickel is considered among the best designs of any American coin.

The Gold American Buffalo has an American Indian portrait, the date, and the word Liberty on the right edge. It is said that the portrait is a composite of three Indian chiefs from different American Indian tribes.

On the other side is the American bison. The words “United States of America” appear above the Buffalo. On the left under the buffalo is stamped “In God We Trust” and centered under the buffalo is stamped “$50 1 OZ. and .9999 FINE GOLD”.

The North American Bison has been called Buffalo for a great many years. In fact true buffalo live in Asia and Africa. However even today, most people call the American Bison a Buffalo, and that is why this gold coin is referred to as a Buffalo.

Initially, the Buffalo gold coin was only issued as a one ounce piece and like the “American Eagle”. Proof qualities have been minted in a limited supply.

Gold American Buffalo Specifications

gold american buffalo specifications

Date Minted: 2006

Designer(s): Earle Fraser

.9999 Pure Gold

Diameter: 32.7 mm

Thickness: 2.95 mm

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