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Gold American Eagle Proof

The Gold American Eagle Proof coin is an uncirculated series of Gold American Eagles that have never been touched by human hands. These coins are struck with extra precision and care at the US Mint’s historic West Point, New York facilities.

Gold American Eagle Proofs offer growth potential due to their intrinsic value and scarcity, making them a perfect choice for long-term retirement funds. Based on their track record of consistent, stable performance exceeding that of common bullion, adding Proof American Eagles to your Precious Metals IRA provides an added advantage for the retirement account holder.

At present, gold and silver American Eagle proofs are the only proof coins allowed by the United States government for Precious Metal IRAs. In addition, Gold American Eagle Proof coins are highly sought after versions of the world’s most popular gold and silver bullion coins. Only a limited number of Proof American Eagles are minted each year and particular years have sold out shortly after being issued.

Proof Gold American Eagle coins are minted in 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/10 oz. weights. Investors may buy proof gold American eagle coins in any variety of these sizes separately, or in sets of 2 to 4 pieces.

Gold American Eagle Proof coins come encased in a sealed plastic container ensuring they never touch human hands, along with an official Certificate of Authenticity from the U.S. Mint. This certificate outlines the United States government’s guarantee of the coin’s weight, content, and purity.

Gold American Eagle Proof Specifications

gold american eagle proof specifications

Date Minted: 1986

Designer(s): August Saint Gaduens, Miley Busiek

91% gold, 3% silver, 5.55% copper

Denominations: $5, $10, $24, $50


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