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Gold British Sovereign

The Gold British Sovereign is one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable gold bullion coins. Minted since 1817, the coin has been printed by Britain’s Royal Mint as well as other mints around the world.

gold british sovereign coin

The coin design features then-chief medalist of the Royal Mint Benedetto Pistrucci’s timeless image of the patron saint of Britain, St George, on horseback with sword drawn as he slays the legendary dragon. The obverse side features the bust of the British monarch at the time the coin was struck.

The worldwide recognition and popularity of the British Gold Sovereign makes this historic coin an attractive investment option. It is especially prized by collectors, those who want their gold bullion to be portable and easily recognizable around the world, and makes an excellent gift.

Gold British Sovereign Specifications

gold british sovereign specifications

Date Minted: 1925

Designer(s): Benedetto Pistrucci

91% Gold 9% Copper

Diameter: 22.05 MM

Weight: 7.98 Grams

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