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China’s AIIB Threat To The American Dollar

death of the dollar aiib

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It is now April 2015 and China’s AIIB banking entity has just deposed the dollar’s supremacy on the international financial stage – yet most major news channels didn’t bother to note the world-shaking implications.

As nightly news anchors and Wall Street cheerleaders continue to sing the praises of artificially-inflated money, the rest of the world remains unconvinced. A cursory look over at the EU reveals a stunning vote of no-confidence in Washington’s rosy official economic outlook- European investors are clamoring to buy up negative-yield bonds in the hope of merely hanging on to their investment principal as Eurozone countries furiously try to debase their currencies in order to fend off deflation.

Now China has offered America’s allies a glimmer of hope for increased returns in the form of the AIIB banking regime. Even China was stunned when U.S. allies such as Britain, France, Germany, Israel, and Korea fell over each other in the race to sign on to the AIIB that many commentators are comparing to the U.S.-dominated World Bank.

Which brings up the disturbing question: If the rest of the world is showing its interest in putting its money into a Chinese safe-haven, how soon before foreign investors stop underwriting the Treasury’s runaway deficits in favor of China’s AIIB system?

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