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Self Storage Gold IRA

At the time of this writing, the IRS has yet to clarify whether the storage of precious metals that are owned by an LLC inside an IRA (aka the Self Storage IRA & the Home Storage IRA) may be stored anywhere other than in the custody of a trustee or custodian as defined by IRS code without risking the possibility of penalties or tax consequences.

Therefore, Goldco Precious Metals DOES NOT RECOMMEND that its clients store precious metals that are owned by an LLC inside of an IRA at home or anywhere other than with a trustee or custodian as defined by IRS code until such clarification is made by the IRS, including LLC registered safety deposit boxes.  This applies to all precious metals shipments held by an LLC within an IRA, regardless of the precious metals dealer you use.

As investors seek ways to protect their assets in an unstable economy, Goldco Precious Metals has responded by offering the Self Storage Gold IRA™, a secure way to defend your life savings.

Our Self Storage Gold IRA™ empowers you to choose from a wider array of investments and gives you the highest degree of control over your portfolio.


It’s Your Right to Protect Your Future

Self Storage Gold IRA™ is a type of Self Directed IRA, which was created by independent investors who knew the best person to protect your future security is you. Recognized in 1996 as a fully legal option, the Self Directed IRA affirms your right to determine the security of your savings.

How Does it Work?

To protect your hard-earned savings, it’s crucial your Self Storage Gold IRA™ is structured correctly. At Goldco Precious Metals our experienced professionals help you create the key entity to protect your assets: a Limited Liability Company or LLC. Once your LLC is in place, your IRA invests in it, exchanging your funds for LLC shares. Since the LLC is a legal entity that you or your selected custodian controls, it’s legally distinct from you as the IRA owner.

This means as manager of your LLC you can direct which assets it purchases with funding from your IRA, including precious metals.

How do I Set up an LLC?

Because LLC requirements and fees vary from state to state, it’s important to have an expert on your side. We’ll help you determine the most secure legal structure, complete all necessary paperwork—and it’s all done at no cost to you when we open your Self Storage Gold IRA™.

Why Self Storage is the Smart, Secure Choice

  • If you decide to manage the LLC directing your IRA’s investments this eliminates many administrative fees—even if you allocate a portion of your IRA to other types of investments.
  • When your LLC sells its gold and other investments, these gains are deferred through the IRA, giving you added protection while maintaining a traditional retirement account structure.
  • You can choose from a much wider array of assets than are normally offered through traditional brokerage-controlled IRAs.

The Process is Simple

  1. Tell us what you need: You’ll consult with an expert account executive to determine what your retirement goals are, and how best to achieve them—while giving you the control you deserve over your financial future.
  2. We’ll make the process easy and secure: Your personal advisor will facilitate your IRA or 401(k) rollover to a Goldco Precious Metals Self Storage Gold IRA™ account, in partnership with IRA Services Trust Company. Then we’ll process the paperwork establishing your LLC to safely administer your new IRA.
  3. Work with the bank of your choice: Because you’re the manager of your Self Storage Gold IRA™, you make the decisions, including which bank will hold your investment accounts. Once you’ve made your selection, our partners at IRA Services Trust Company will provide all necessary documentation for you to legally open your new account.
  4. Take command of the assets you’ve earned: As manager of your own IRA LLC, enjoy the freedom to direct your own investments and take complete control of your financial present and future.

What You’ll Get With Your Goldco Self Storage Gold IRA™

  • Fast and accurate LLC set-up
  • All required state article filings
  • Tax Identification Number filing with the IRS
  • Rollover or creation of your Gold IRA
  • Operating guide set up
  • All needed banking authorizations for checking accounts
  • Unlimited consultations with your expert Goldco IRA team

What Are the Fees?

Fees for a Self Storage Gold IRA™ vary state to state, contact an account representative today to learn more!

Don’t Wait – Your Financial Future is at Stake!

In an uncertain economy, time wasted is money lost. Call now to take control of your vital retirement investments with a Self Storage Gold IRA™! Toll-free 855-GOLD-IRA

Self Storage Gold IRA™


Can I Store my IRA Precious Metals at Home?

In compliance with Internal Revenue Code Sections 408(m)(3)(B) and (n), Goldco Precious Metals does not recommend home storage for precious metals held by an IRA LLC.