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Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins, are certified to be 99.99% silver, making them the highest purity of any coin produced by any government mint. The Royal Canadian Mint first minted these coins in 1988. Each coin is 1 oz in weight and measures 38mm in diameter.

On the obverse of the coin you will find the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II. You will also find the words 5 dollars and the date along the bottom. Unlike most bullion coins, this is legal tender with a value of five Canadian dollars. On the back of the coin you can find a stunning Canadian Maple Leaf, Canada’s national symbol. Investors and collectors the world over recognize their purity and technical perfection making them highly collectable.

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Specifications:

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf specifications

Date Minted: 1988

Designer(s): Susanna Blunt

99% Silver

Diameter: 37.97 MM

Weight: 31.103 Grams

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