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Silver IRA Coins

Millions of investors are turning to Silver IRA coins in search of safer long-term asset. However, only certain types of silver coins are permitted. Speak with a IRA expert at 855-GOLD-IRA (855-465-3472) to learn more about the rules for tax-free silver contributions in your retirement account.  Getting started is simple. We’ll show you the three easy steps that can put you in control of your financial security by storing physical silver in your IRA.

Preferred Silver IRA Coins

preferred silver ira american eagle coins

Silver American Eagle

The Liberty Coin Act of 1985 gave way to the possibility of a domestic source for Silver Bullion coins that had not been available to investors. On October 29, 1986 Secretary of the Treasury James Baker pressed… Continue Reading

preferred proof silver american eagle coins

Proof Silver American Eagle

American Eagle Silver Proof Coins are uncirculated, collector versions of the official United States bullion coins and are only available in the one ounce size. American Eagle Silver Proof Coins are minted at the United States Mint… Continue Reading

Other Coins Approved For Silver IRAs

Although Silver American Eagles are the preferred coin by Silver IRA investors, there are several other coins that meet the requirements for including them in your Silver IRA account.

Other coins approved for IRA silver canadian maple leaf

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

Were first minted in 1988.

Learn More About The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

Other coins approved for IRA silver australian kookaburra

Silver Australian Kookaburra

First produced in 1990.

Learn More About The Silver Australian Kookaburra

silver ira coins

Silver Britannia

Minted at the oldest mint in the UK.

Learn More Silver Britannia

silver ira coins

Silver Arctic Fox

Minted in Canada.

Learn More About The Silver Arctic Fox

Other coins approved for IRA silver mexican libertad

Silver Mexican Libertad

Minted at the oldest mint in North America.

Learn More About The Silver Mexican Libertad

Other Coins Not Approved For Silver IRA

Below is a list of coins and bullion that are not approved for silver IRAs.

  • Austrian Corona
  • Belgian Franc
  • British Britannia
  • Chilean Peso
  • Colombian Peso
  • British Sovereign
  • Dutch Guilder
  • French Franc
  • Hungarian Korona
  • Italian Lira
  • Mexican Peso
  • Rare or Collectible Coins
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Swiss Franc

Starting Your Silver IRA is Easy

Contact us at (865)465-3472 to start your silver ira account.