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Silver Vienna Philharmonic

The Silver Vienna Philharmonic was first minted in 2008 by the Austrian Mint in Vienna. These bullion coins are 99.9% fine silver. They have been given a face value of 1.5 euro even though the real Silver Bullion value is much higher. This was done because the 1 and 2 euro are reserved for legal tender and ordinary circulation coinage in Europe.

The Silver Philharmonic is crafted after the famed gold Philharmonic, one of the most sought after Gold Bullion coins of modern time. Inspired by the well known Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra the coin has the great organ, in the Golden Hall in Vienna’s concert hall, on one side and a cluster of musical instruments on the other. Along with the organ you will find the date and 1.5 euro along the bottom of the coin. It is also stamped “1 Unze Feinsilber” or 1 Ounce Pure Silver, just below the organ. Above the instruments it reads “WIENER PHILHARMORIKER”.

The Austrian Mint located in Vienna made its first coins in 1194. These coins were made from a ransom in silver, paid to Duke Leopold VI by King Richard, know as Richard the Lionhearted, after being captured, coming home from the crusades. There is no mention of this mint for the next 200 years in historical documents however. Even so the Austrian mint has been known around the world for minting exceptional coins for the last 800 years.

Silver Vienna Philharmonic Specifications

Silver Vienna Philharmonic specifications

Date Minted: 1989

Designer(s): Thomas Pesendorfer

99.99% Silver

Diameter: 37.0 MM

Weight: 31.10 Grams

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